Back to basics – Food – Shelter (and Work) is the basis of every countries economy: – Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

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“Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought” – Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

This is exactly what our CEO and inventor of moladi, Mr Hennie Botes implemented in 1986, “thinking out the box” applying “solution thinking” to address two fundamental issues plaguing not only South Africa,  but the world – Unemployment and lack of adequate housing – affecting billions of people.  A special “thank you” to the SABS Design Institute for seeing the potential of moladi way back in 1997 and awarding us with the SABS Design For Development Award – “thinking what nobody has thought”

Current situation/opportunities: An example of impact in South Africa

  • President Jacob Zuma – “The government had failed millions of people who were living “like pigs” in informal settlements, and efforts to explain to them why this was so after more than a decade and a half of democracy would be meaningless” – IOL
  • Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe – “Youth unemployment a ticking time-bomb” – NEDLAC
  • Minister Tokyo Sexwale – “Thabane Zulu told the human settlements portfolio committee it would cost about R58 billion for the human settlements department to fix poorly built houses” – TimesLive

As a solution to the above crucial issues, we are honoured to have been selected by the Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum – Rockefeller Foundation Design with the Other 90% CITIES to showcase the South African designed and patented formwork construction technology as an innovative solution to address the unprecedented growth of informal settlements globally combined with skills transfer and job creation. Housing the homeless, applying new innovative financial structures, implementing sustainable human developments – Innovation at the Base of the Pyramid
For more on Innovation at the Base of the Pyramid Innovation at the Base of the Pyramid

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