Beautiful Refuse

Exhibition: Network | November 4, 2011 by

Beautiful Refuse is a mobile collaborative initiative and conceptual investigation re-imagining the improvised spaces and settlements found throughout the globe from the favelas of Brazil to the townships in South Africa. Inspired by extensive ethnographic research places such as Ghana, Nigeria, Brazil, Mexico and South Africa, we’ve gleaned a plethora of information which has resulted in the creation of this visual discourse.  In recent years the evolution of globalization has made it fashionable to advocate for sustainable architecture and design, but there remains a continued ignorance of the fact that many disenfranchised communities in U.S. and throughout the world have been creating sustainable architecture such as re-appropriating materials, building within “contested” spaces and utilizing ingenious construction practices as a matter of personal necessity that precedes the current trend.

As architects/artists of African descent, we are interested in an intelligent and artistic re-imagining of the dwellings and settlements found in the hill-side slums of the Caribbean and South America, and the squatter-camps of Africa and the Middle East.

With this project we seek to not only illuminate the long-standing design practices of these marginalized communities and generate further the contemporary discourse on how these communities utilize the interactive synergy of mobility, architecture and design in order to explore the expressive and humanistic elements of urban development; we also hope to create a beautifully crafted series of sculptural artworks.


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