Ceramic Water Filter

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Originally designed by Dr. Fernando Mazareigos, a Guatemalan chemist, the Ceramic Water Filter combines the filtration capability of ceramic material with the anti-bacteriological qualities of colloidal silver. This filter has basic, yet impressive, impact on the lives of the rural poor, dramatically decreasing diarrhea, days of school or work missed due to illness, and medical expenses. A sociologist and potter, Ron Rivera of Potters for Peace redesigned the filter to standardize mass production in sixteen small production facilities in fourteen different countries. It is estimated that over 500,000 people have used the filter.

Ceramic Water Filter, Cambodia

Ceramic Water Filter, Nepal

  • MANUFACTURER: Local potter set up by IDE
  • Nepal, 2006
  • Ceramic clay, plastic container, colloidal silver paint
  • DIMENSIONS: 3.5’ h x 2’ w x 2’ d

Ceramic Water Filter, Nicaragua

  • DESIGNERS: Dr. Fernando Mazariegos and Ron Rivera (Potters for Peace)
  • Nicaragua and Guatemala, 2006
  • Local Nicaraguan terra-cotta clay, sawdust
  • DIMENSIONS: 18” h x 15” diameter
  • IN USE IN: Cambodia, Guatemala, Ecuador, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Cuba, Haiti, Mexico, India, Nepal, Indonesia (Bali), Ghana, Iraq, Myanmar, Sudan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Vietnam


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