Drip Irrigation System

Exhibition: Design for the other 90 | January 5, 2012 by

IDE’s low-cost Drip Irrigation System was developed so farmers could start small and scale up as their financial capacity and acreage grew. The kits are significantly less expensive than conventional drip systems used on commercial farms. Studies show that drip irrigation reduces water use by 30-70% and increases yields by over 50%. There is improved crop quality, crop-per-drop efficiency for agricultural intensification, and cultivation of high-value marketable crops. The kits, operating under very little water pressure, are typically used in the production of fruit and vegetable crops, but have also been used for maize, wheat, and cotton. More than 600,000 systems have been sold.

  • DESIGNER: International Development Enterprises (IDE) India
  • MANUFACTURER: Multiple workshops
  • India, 2006
  • Plastic tubing and tank
  • DIMENSIONS: 2’ h x 2’ w x 8” d (with water); bag can hang from any type of post or support and tailored to any size or shape available
  • IN USE IN: India, Nepal, Zambia, Zimbabwe


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