Freedom HIV/AIDS

Exhibition: Network | October 7, 2011 by

Nearly 2.5 million people in India are living with HIV/AIDS, and many people are unaware of how the disease is transmitted, leaving them more prone to infection. Freedom HIV/AIDS designed a series of free games to educate India’s rural and semi-literate populations about the disease. These fun, easy-to-use games are played on mobile phones, which are widely used by India’s population regardless of income level. Just fifteen months after its launch, the game had been downloaded 10.3 million times; after three years, the game had nearly 42 million subscribers. At various times in the game, when users pass a level or answers a question correctly, informative texts are displayed on the screen. The games have been replicated in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda and are now available in English, Swahili, and Sheng.

Concept design: ZMQ Software Systems; Mobile operator: Reliance Infocomm; Partners: UNAIDS and DSACS (Delhi AIDS Society). India, 2005–present


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