Katrina Furniture Project

Exhibition: Design for the other 90 | March 25, 2013 by

The Katrina Furniture Project, formed in response to Hurricane Katrina, creates neighborhood furniture-making workshop facilities using the debris left by storm and helps build the economic and social capacity of neighborhoods in New Orleans that faced experienced severe economic and social challenges even before Katrina. The workshops train community members in making furniture and the fundamentals of business, and function as a neighborhood-based place of work and resource center while residents rebuild their homes. Workshops will make and sell church pews―to replace those lost to the more than ninety churches ruined by the storm―as well as tables and stools, all from recycled wood.

  • DESIGNER/MANUFACTURER: University of Texas and Art Center College of Design students and faculty
  • United States, 2006
  • Wood recycled from Hurricane Katrina debris
  • DIMENSIONS: 32” h x 72” w (pew), 18” h x 12” w x 18” d (step stool), 29” h x 34” w x 72” d (table)
  • IN USE IN: United States


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