Mad Housers Hut

Exhibition: Design for the other 90 | January 5, 2012 by

Mad Housers was started by a small group of Georgia Tech architecture students in 1987 with a mission of building free shelter for Atlanta’s homeless. Each hut has a locking door for security, a loft for sleeping and storage, and a wood-burning stove for cooking and heat. The prefabricated huts can be erected in less than half a day. Huts are built in stable sites where a client has camped for some time and is not likely to be torn down, and, in some cases, where the landowners give permission for them to be built. The huts are not intended as permanent housing, but rather as emergency shelters, with the idea that people with a secure and stable place to live are much more capable of finding other resources to help themselves.

  • DESIGNER/MANUFACTURER: Mad Housers volunteers
  • United States, 1987
  • Lumber (1×6 and 2×4 studs), plywood (3/8” and 5/8”), nails (16 penny, 8 penny, finishing, roofing), roll roofing, plastic and/or screen for windows, silver sheet insulation, paint, caulk, metal flashing, stove pipe, cinderblocks, stove, 55-gallon steel drum
  • DIMENSIONS: 10’ h x 6’ w x 8’ d
  • IN USE IN: United States, Canada


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