moladi – Formwork Construction Process

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We created a new link to highlight the efficient way in which moladi speeds up the construction process – eliminating waste and rework reducing cost –

Train the unemployed to build for the homeless – Creating employment – transfering skills – providing shelter

  • The foundations are cast according to engineer specifications – depending on soil conditions – at the rate of one a day for one mould, or many if many moulds are to used for larger quantities – 1 house a day – 10 houses a day – or 100 houses a day
  • Foundation left to cure (strengthen) for 3 to 7 days
  • Formwork erected in 4 hours
  • Filled in 2 hours
  • Formwork Stripped/removed the next day (2 hours) and re-erected on next foundation – one house in one day with one mould – or many houses in one day with many moulds
  • No need to chase for electrical or water reticulation – all cast into position
  • No beam filling for roof trusses
  • The house is then finished with roof windows doors painting etc. in the next 3 days.
  • That means that when a project is started with one mould – the lead time for the delivery of the first house would be two weeks (14 days) with the delivery and completion of 1 house per day there after – the formwork is amortized over 50 uses (used to build 50 houses)

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