MoneyMaker Block Press

Exhibition: Design for the other 90 | January 5, 2012 by

Over 2,200 KickStart MoneyMaker Block Presses have been sold to East African block-making and construction businesses to build cost-effective homes, schools, and commercial buildings. The press makes strong and durable building blocks from soil mixed with a small percentage of cement, compressed at high pressure and cured for ten days. The press accommodates operators of different sizes and strength, allows for high-compaction blocks, and includes a built-in variable volume batch box to allow for different types of soils, with the resultant block always having maximum density and standard dimensions. Five to eight workers can produce 400 to 800 blocks a day using the press.

  • DESIGNER: Martin Fisher
  • MANUFACTURER: KickStart International
  • Kenya, 1986
  • 100% mild steel
  • DIMENSIONS: 39.5” h x 20” w x 20” d (base unit), 79” h x 16” w x 8” d (handle)
  • IN USE IN: Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Somalia, Congo, Sudan


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