One Laptop per Child

Exhibition: Design for the other 90 | January 5, 2012 by

The One Laptop per Child, or $100 laptop, is a laptop computer designed as an educational tool to bring learning, information, and communication to children in developing countries. OLPC is new experiment in socially responsible design, in which a nonprofit organization harnesses cutting-edge personal technologies and distributes them on an unprecedented scale. Governments purchase the laptops directly and distribute them to their schools. Nigeria, Argentina, Brazil, Thailand, Uruguay, and Libya are slated to order the first batch of five million units.

  • CONCEPT: Nicholas Negroponte
  • DESIGNER: Yves Béhar, fuseproject (with Martin Schnitzer and Bret Recor), Design Continuum (prototype)
  • HUMAN POWER: Squid Labs (engineering), Yves Béhar, fuseproject, with Martin Schnitzer (design)
  • SOFTWARE: Red Hat
  • PROCESSOR: Advanced Micro Devices
  • MANUFACTURER: Quanta Computer, Inc., and OLPC
  • China, 2007
  • PC/ABS, rubber
  • DIMENSIONS: 1.5” h x 9” w x 9.5” d
  • ANTICIPATED LAUNCH COUNTRIES: Argentina, Brazil, Thailand, Uruguay, Libya, Nigeria
  • SECOND-WAVE LAUNCH COUNTRIES: Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Angola, Ethiopia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Pakistan, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Belize, Panama


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