Penjaringan Participatory Planning and Design

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In 1996, the construction of a toll road displaced many informal residents in the North Jakarta community of Penjaringan, and an informal settlement quickly grew in the space under the newly constructed road. When a fire hit in 2007, 100 homes were destroyed and the government evicted the community of 10,000 people living under the road. With the support of Focus Cities Research Initiative, a flagship program of the International Development Research Centre’s Urban Poverty and Environment Program, which runs pilot projects in eight cities around the world, residents living in the surrounding neighborhoods created the Development of Community Under Elevated Road Group (KMPKT) to improve and manage the area underneath the toll road. Over 600 community members of all ages participated in KMPKT’s organized planning process, creating documentation of their long-term vision for the area in an effort to demonstrate to the local government that the residents should be granted administration over the land. In small groups, the participants worked together to develop 65 scenarios of how the toll road space could be used. Their proposals included designs for recreational green spaces, subsistence and market gardens, cultural and community event spaces, mobile vendors and small shops, pedestrian and public transportation, and water, drainage, sanitation, waste management, and security infrastructure. Each scenario addressed the need for economic and social prosperity, health, and safety through mixed land use. The community selected designs for implementation and is awaiting additional legal and financial commitment from the government.

Designers: Mercy Corps Indonesia, with Development of Community Under Elevated Road Group (KMPKT) and Penjaringan informal settlement community; partners: Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Indonusa Esa Unggul University–Jakarta; technical support: International Development Research Centre (IDRC). Penjaringan, Jakarta, Indonesia, 2008–present


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