Worldbike Prototype

Exhibition: Design for the other 90 | January 5, 2012 by

Worldbike exists as a challenge to the bicycle industry, particularly in the world’s bicycling centers of Taiwan, China, and India, to design bicycles for customers in developing countries. The bike weighs about the same as the inexpensive single-speed bicycles sold throughout East Africa, but is engineered to be comfortable, safe, stylish, with a higher carrying capacity.

  • DESIGNER/MANUFACTURER: Paul Freedman, Nate Byerley, Russ Rotondi, and Jeremy Faludi, with Gian Bongiorno and Dave Strain (prototype fabrication assistance)
  • United States, Taiwan, China, or India, 2003
  • Steel (Cro-Moly steel or high-tensile steel)
  • DIMENSIONS: 40” h x 22” w x 78” d
  • IN USE IN: Kenya (field test)


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